Cybersecurity Becomes Increasingly Necessary for the Esports Industry

 There has been an increase in online gaming which has led to the fast growth of the esports industry. There is competition as this industry receives multiple global gamers. This growing number of audiences means more money invested in the industry. Therefore, cyber-attacks have become common in the recent past thus putting both gamers and the gaming companies at risk. In this article, we will see why it's important for esports companies to watch out for flaws in their cybersecurity. Moreover, we will talk about some of the ways used by these hackers and so much more. Please keep reading to find out.

Why is it Important?
Some of the biggest esports industries are at great risk of cyberattacks. Therefore, there is a great need of ensuring cybersecurity in esports industries because of various reasons. To begin with, cybersecurity involves everything about intellectual property, data, sensitive data and information, personal information, and health information among other things. All these are at risk of being damaged or stolen by criminals, and this could harm millions of people. Moreover, the fast changes in technology make it easier for attackers to accomplish their mission. Therefore, living in an innovative world and an increasing esports industry, there is a need for users to be protected.
Ways Hackers Attack the E-sport Industry
In recent years, many gaming industries have experienced losses due to cyber-attacks. Nonetheless, individual gamers have also faced the wrath of these cyber attackers. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to detect when you're being attacked. However, several ways are commonly used by hackers that knowing them can help a gaming company and the industry at large be alert. The hackers can attack esports industries in the following ways;
This is a cybercrime where the E-sport industry is contacted by email, telephone, or text message by an individual pretending to be a legal institution to get lured into providing sensitive data and information. Such an online scam is used by hackers when they set up convincing emails and websites to attract a user. Once a gamer is tricked into signing in, they get your account details and can use them to commit any cybercrime.
Credential stuffing
Here, hackers use fake and stolen accounts to gain unauthorized access to your account. This is as a result of many online users and gamers, in this case, having the same details used to log in across numerous websites. Once a hacker accesses one, he or she can access several websites using your details.
SQL Injection
The gaming industry has experienced a rise in SQL injections. The attackers exploit data stored in the server’s database such as the login credentials of the user. This has been a concern of many website owners since the stolen credentials are used in an attempt to login to other accounts and websites.
Distributed Denial of services (DDoS)
This has become rampant since some functions in the games rely on an internet connection to the gaming site. Moreover, players are willing to go at all costs to win, hence the industry suffers the most from this attack. In some cases, DDoS offer players ways to disrupt matches resulting in the server to choose the winning team that was online. This creates unfairness in games.
Instances of Cybersecurity Breaches in E-sports
Some several companies and gamers have experienced data breaches which have led to unauthorized access to files and systems. Sadly, there is a lack of functionality for website security in the gaming industry. Below are some of the instances when the effects of cyber-attacks have been greatly felt in the gaming industry;
    •    EA Sport’s Origin platform was targeted by numerous DDoS attacks in April 2020.
    •    Nintendo Network also had its system hacked in April 2020. The result was the leakage of login details and passwords of approximately 160000 Id accounts.
    •    In the same month, attackers exploited the beta version of the video game, “Valorant”. They offered a free game –key generator which could steal the credentials of the victims.
How to stay protected
The rising cases of attacks in the esports industry call for both the companies and the gamers to stay alert. Some of the ways to protect yourself from hackers include;
    •    Client developers to set security as their top priority to ensure cybersecurity.
    •    Esports companies should constantly update their clients on any changes made to prevent.
    •    Gamers should use strong and unique passwords when login into gaming sites. Moreover, they should avoid using the same password on numerous websites.
    •    There should be a multifactor authentication when login into gaming accounts.
Cybersecurity Innovations
Technology has made it possible for various innovations to be made to curb cyber-attacks and enhance cybersecurity. The following are some of the inventions;
    •    Quantum computing; This is a new model of computing based on qubits instead of bits. The units are more flexible and the properties allow quantum computers to move information around and perform quicker and more efficiently. Therefore, there are numerous possibilities for these computers. Scientists are still working on it.
    •    There has been improved automation in cybersecurity. Automation is helping in the It sector as it helps companies reduce workload.
    •    Use of AI to attack breaches; With the help of AI, automated systems detect any wrongdoing and cybercrime committed. This, therefore, protects users.
    •    Introduction of 5G; The 5G networks can be used to connect gadgets instead of connecting them to Wi-Fi routers where attacks are common due to login credentials.
The e-sports industry has increased and is making lots of money. However, the industry has been under attack lately as hackers get access to users' details and credentials and use the same to commit cybercrimes. However, there are ways in which this can be solved to help reduce the cases. The article has given us certain examples of how this can be achieved and the innovations put into consideration to protect the gaming industry.


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