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FC Barcelona Gets Involved in the Esports Industry

FC Barcelona has confirmed a strategic esports alliance with Tencent, including professional gaming tournaments, curriculum, and exchange in the industry. As part of the partnership, Barcelona will engage in “deep communication” with Tencent in order to boost its position in esports, whose currency is only participating in titles related to football, including Rocket League and PES. Barcelona has expressed its plan to expand its esports business during the last 12 months, with the professional gaming market estimated to produce sales this year of over $1 billion. Speaking to Palco23 in February, Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona, reiterated that the club is involved in the esports market, but that the club would not engage in games that are deemed too brutal. The Catalan club is aiming to establish a deal with a Chinese esports team that already has a powerful current land, according to the Spanish newspaper, in order to join the business with a strong base behind it. Tencen

Cybersecurity Becomes Increasingly Necessary for the Esports Industry

 There has been an increase in online gaming which has led to the fast growth of the esports industry. There is competition as this industry receives multiple global gamers. This growing number of audiences means more money invested in the industry. Therefore, cyber-attacks have become common in the recent past thus putting both gamers and the gaming companies at risk. In this article, we will see why it's important for esports companies to watch out for flaws in their cybersecurity. Moreover, we will talk about some of the ways used by these hackers and so much more. Please keep reading to find out. Why is it Important? Some of the biggest esports industries are at great risk of cyberattacks. Therefore, there is a great need of ensuring cybersecurity in esports industries because of various reasons. To begin with, cybersecurity involves everything about intellectual property, data, sensitive data and information, personal information, and health information among other things. All