The History of Esports in South Korea

Esports has been something since the 1960s. It came to the spotlight, however, thanks to Korea. Their government established a countrywide broadband network in the 90s, and online gaming began gaining popularity in the country. LAN cafes reached every nook and cranny. And so, South Korea's tech and esports community grew.
As eSports gaming gains prominence in the rest of the world, the Korean eSports scene is getting more avid and has a bright future. The distance is still there as eSports in Korea is more than just a tournament. In Korea, nearly 40,000 spectators packed an eSport stadium to watch an LoL game in 2014. There's still no such craze in the country. It's like Brazil's soccer fans.
This post will address the incredible development of digital gaming and esports in South Korea and cover its brief history.
History of South Korea eSports
Broadband coverage is considered a major contributor to eSports’ growth, not only in Korea but worldwide. However, the country is undeniably the trailblazer. It made it possible for players to practice and contact other players. As a result, South Korea's eSports players' skills improved remarkably.
The KeSPA was founded in 2000 as the sub-organization Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It oversees twenty-five big Korean esports games. These are LoL, CS: GO, Starcraft II, DOTA 2.
KeSPA was praised for attempting to legitimize the country's esports and establish a minimum wage for pro players along with a compulsory 1-year deal for new participants joining a team.
With such government programs, every sport must improve.
Esports in Korea is growing massive nowadays. Every year, thousands of enthusiasts filling stadiums watch their favorite teams playing. Over 40,000 fans filled a huge stadium at the Worlds 2014 in Seoul to watch their beloved League of Legends teams fight.
Although the industry endured a lull at the beginning of the decade, video games like Overwatch and Hearthstone are reigniting people's interest in sports now.
Why Is Esports so Famous in Korea?
There is more than one explanation for the success of esports in Korea.
One explanation is the Asian financial crisis of 1997. It promoted work and innovation in countries like Korea. The broadband revolution resulted in esports' unintended revival. Video games became an outlet for people to forget about the region's financial difficulties. Superfast Internet also contributed to the success of esports in Korea. People found an important source, better than anything else.
Skilled players are now considered celebrities thanks to the country's widespread fame of esports. And people from small towns can also join major leagues. The way the nation celebrates and reveres esports players is close to US NBA players. People of every age see esports as a national history in South Korea.
Some researchers, however, claim that the country's popularity in sports is attributed to Korean people's cultural appetite. They think games like StarCraft are a modern variant of a mind game, involving quick thought and responsiveness. Maybe that's why Korean players excel in sports, particularly the online multiplayer combat arena, in both European and American gamers aspects.

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