Czech Esports Organization Entropiq Forms Partnership With Puma

 Entropiq, an esports organization from the Czech Republic, has recently formed a partnership with Puma, the current #3 sportswear manufacturer on the planet. After conferring for several months with various apparel companies, Entropiq chose to make Puma their exclusive merchandising partner. Due to the worldwide rise of esports, Puma has decided to build a presence in the market through sponsorship deals such as this partnership with Entropiq.

    Entropiq has esports teams playing games including PUBG, CS:GO, FIFA, Hearthstone, and Valorant. Besides Puma, companies that have partnered with the Entropiq organization include Mcdonalds, Your Gate, Ematiq, Fine Gusto, and Pure Coco. According to Entropiq’s official website, they employ coaches, data analysts, and even a psychologist to assist the organization.

    Recently, Entropiq has won the 2020 PUBG Czech National Championship, having competed against 15 other teams in the tournament.

    This recent partnership with Puma is also significant for Entropiq based on the fact that the Czech National Football Team also receives a sportswear sponsorship from Puma. According to Jan Sochor, the Eastern Europe Area General Manager at Puma,

    “PUMA follows the global trend of connection between sports and esports. We believe that, in today’s world, sports and esports are closely linked entities with many common features. I am very pleased that we can start our collaboration with esports organization Entropiq and together become a part of the gaming community on the Czech-Slovak as well as international stage”

    The Entropiq organization was founded in January, 2020, by Martin Kabrhel, a professional poker player, mathematician, and entrepreneur. Entropiq currently has the goals of dominating the region of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, becoming a top five esports organization in Central Europe, and also becoming a top 20 organization in Europe overall.

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