CS:GO Tournament, Flashpoint 2, is Giving out $1M in prizes

On November 30th, the Flashpoint 2 playoffs will take place and eight teams will compete for $1,000,000 in prizes. The biggest prize portion of this competition is the $500,000 that will go to the winning team. In addition, winners will receive a custom trophy from Timmy “SLOTH” Ham.

After the #1 team gaining $500k, the #2 team gets $250k, the #3 team gets $100,000, the #4 team gets $50,000, the #5 team gets $35,000, the #6 team gets $35,000, the #7 team gets $15,000, and the #8 team gets $15,000.

In 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the leading E-sports games with a total of around $11,000,000 given out in tournament prize pools.

Flashpoint is a series of CS:GO tournaments formed in 2019, and owned and operated by a collective of esports organizations. The founding partners of Flashpoint are Contact, Cloud9, Dignitas Vie, Envy, Gen.G, Mad Lions, and MIBR. In addition, Flashpoint has invited the guest teams, BIG, Fnatic, Forze, OG, and Virtus.Pro. Starting with 12 teams, the tournament progresses with double elimination brackets.

The teams competing in the playoffs are BIG, OG, Fnatic, Virtus.pro, MAD Lions, MIBR, Dignitas Vie, and Team Envy. 

Partners of the Flashpoint tournament include Pinnacle Esports, Twitch, Esports Charts, and Grid. Participants in this event have quarantined in Europe and play online, to account for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In April, 2020, the Flashpoint 1 grand finals resulted in MAD Lions defeating MIBR, with MAD Lions winning 2/3 matches.

This second Flashpoint tournament began on November 9th, 2020, and ends on December 5th, 2020. Here are the upcoming matches: 

  • MAD Lions vs. Virtus.pro on November 30th
  • BIG vs. Team Envy on November 30th
  • Fnatic vs. Dignitas on December 1st
  • OG vs. MIBR on December 1st. 

 Flashpoint matches are live streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/flashpoint.

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