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Czech Esports Organization Entropiq Forms Partnership With Puma

  Entropiq, an esports organization from the Czech Republic, has recently formed a partnership with Puma, the current #3 sportswear manufacturer on the planet. After conferring for several months with various apparel companies, Entropiq chose to make Puma their exclusive merchandising partner. Due to the worldwide rise of esports, Puma has decided to build a presence in the market through sponsorship deals such as this partnership with Entropiq.     Entropiq has esports teams playing games including PUBG, CS:GO, FIFA, Hearthstone, and Valorant. Besides Puma, companies that have partnered with the Entropiq organization include Mcdonalds, Your Gate, Ematiq, Fine Gusto, and Pure Coco. According to Entropiq’s official website, they employ coaches, data analysts, and even a psychologist to assist the organization.     Recently, Entropiq has won the 2020 PUBG Czech National Championship, having competed against 15 other teams in the tournament.     This recent partnership with Puma is also s

CS:GO Tournament, Flashpoint 2, is Giving out $1M in prizes

On November 30th, the Flashpoint 2 playoffs will take place and eight teams will compete for $1,000,000 in prizes. The biggest prize portion of this competition is the $500,000 that will go to the winning team. In addition, winners will receive a custom trophy from Timmy “SLOTH” Ham. After the #1 team gaining $500k, the #2 team gets $250k, the #3 team gets $100,000, the #4 team gets $50,000, the #5 team gets $35,000, the #6 team gets $35,000, the #7 team gets $15,000, and the #8 team gets $15,000. In 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the leading E-sports games with a total of around $11,000,000 given out in tournament prize pools. Flashpoint is a series of CS:GO tournaments formed in 2019, and owned and operated by a collective of esports organizations. The founding partners of Flashpoint are Contact, Cloud9, Dignitas Vie, Envy, Gen.G, Mad Lions, and MIBR. In addition, Flashpoint has invited the guest teams, BIG, Fnatic, Forze, OG, and Virtus.Pro. Starting with 12 teams,